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Get your kids into their food!
Tried and Tested Cooking And Growing Ideas

If you're a teacher, a childcarer or a parent, and you want your kids to garden, cook and eat their way to a more adventurous life, this is the site for you.

Getting children excited about digging up worms, picking peas or licking the wooden spoon is easy. Finding activities which will be fun, which will work with very little kids, and won't make you a nervous wreck doing them is not so easy.

This site is full of real life ideas for very young children (up to around 8 years old), which have been tried and tested, and they definitely work, so you can save time surfing and planning and be confident your food adventures will be a success!

Check out our huge range of free
resources, our seasonal food story books and membership clubs in our shop, and the latest news and recipes on our blog.

Happy cooking and growing!